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Welcome to QPOCshoutouts.com!

QPOConnection - Website for QPOC

I’m excited to build a website that was once a dream. Back in ’08, I made this basic, hella wordy, free-hosted website called QPOConnection. It didn’t have many visitors, but it had an idea –To make a website where Queer People of Color could connect to resources and each other. One goal was to promote the visibility of QPOC artists, speakers, performance artists, musicians, and filmmakers.

I wanted more queer people of color to be considered for programming on college campuses and conferences. Why? Because it was important for students to see themselves reflected. Because QPOC stories matter. Because QPOC artists matter. Because QPOC activism matters. Because sometimes supporting QPOC also means supporting their hustle.

To my dear #QPOCinstafam,

This blog will be used to:

  • Highlight QPOC websites, blogs, people, or events
  • Update you on what’s happening with #QPOCshoutouts
  • Promote QPOC resources, blogs, media, and community spaces
  • Share digital media tools to support your QPOC projects and ideas


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