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QPOC Visual Artists

  • Alma Lopez - Our Lady of ContraversyAlma Lopez – Paintings, Public Art, Serigraphs, Digital Prints, Installations, Author. Groundbreaking photo-based digital series Lupe and Sirena. Lopez’s work has been exhibited in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions. Short films include Boi Hair.
  • Julio Salgado – (tumblr) – (@juliosalgado83 on Instagram) – a gay Mexican-born artist who uses his art to empower undocumented and queer people by telling their story and putting a human face to the issue

  • Little Miss Cindy Pants – (@pants83 on Instagram) – (Facebook) – sketches, illustrations, paintings

  • Mia Nakano – (Facebook) – (tumblr) – (vimeo) – (YouTube) – of The Visibility Project. Photographer, videographer, editor, web-designer, teacher, consultant, printer, writer, and social change maker based out of Oakland, CA